Honda Giorno's Kumamon Version

Honda Giorno scooter gets a Kumamon version

Honda gave the Giorno, a 50cc fashion scooter, a Kumamon version, and they will be releasing it on April 15.

The Giorno’s Kumamon Version is based on the Giorno that adopted black and red colors, which are the signature colors of Kumamon. The color scheme reminiscent of Kumamon is used all over the scooter, such as on the two-tone seat, and on the red glove box and the inner box, which depict the cheeks of Kumamon.

Furthermore, the emblem on the front top cover is an illustration of Kumamon. Both sides of the scooter feature polka dots and illustrations of Kumamon. The round and cute styling of the Giorno is further accentuated with the adoption of this color scheme and the exclusive 3D emblem.

It is available only in Graphite Black color. It costs 197,640 yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)