Honda NM4-01

Honda makes improvement to NM4 series including changes to DCT

Honda has made improvements to the NM4-01 and MN4-02 750cc sports models to give them their own unique styling and a new riding feel. The new models are set for a March 11 release.

Improvements were made to the dual clutch transmission (DCT). In order to give it a sportier ride in S Mode, the rotation speed when changing speeds has been raised over the current model. The upper limit of the engine rotation that can be used when shifting down at low speeds in MT Mode has been raised, expanding the rider’s shifting options. A system for controlling for the angle of inclination on a hill on AT Mode has been added, allowing the rider to control shift timing when riding up or down hills.

The internal construction of the muffler has been changed to make the bike’s overall length shorter, and it is designed to accentuate low frequency sound waves, giving its exhaust sound a kind of pulse. The atypically-shaped short muffler and use of a sharp muffler cover gives it a futuristic appearance.

Like the current model, color options include Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, Pearl Grey White and 11 color order plans. The price for the NM4-01 is 1,020,600 yen and the NM4-02 is 1,182,600 yen. Each color order plan is 21,600 yen and up.

(Translated by Greg Scott)