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Majesty S XC155 Review: “Has sharp performance, a swift commuter that professionals like” by Takao Aoki

First of all, it has a great size. Many times I thought it would be great to make big scooters with 250cc engines more compact because of their size; it would be great especially when driving in city streets and when turning sideways. The perfect answer for that is the Majesty S.

There are also customers who say that it would be great if there are two classes of motorcycles with 155cc engine. I also thought the same before having ridden on it. It turned out to have an interesting performance. Aside from having an additional 30cc, it had sharp acceleration and throttle response no matter how many rpm it had; I was able to ride on it smoothly on city streets, and it could take lead among other cars running.

Moreover, its 32L storage space under the seat still has very ample space even when you store a full face helmet underneath. Its aluminum-made combined hook and front pocket are user-friendly.

It has been styled the Yamaha-esque way with its huge headlamp that unifies its LED position lamp, shortly-cut windscreen, and elegant rear body. Its 13-inch front and rear suspensions enable a casual cornering, and it has good handling.

As for its brake, it touches both the front and rear parts, and I don’t feel any dissatisfaction towards it. Its body remains stable despite increasing speed range, and I could control it at high speed without difficulty and worry.

Prices for motorized bikes can be made more affordable cheaper through family bike insurances. Regardless of that, what makes the Majesty S amazing though is that it allows you to ride on it faster even in Shuto Expressway and Hanshin Expressway. In fact, I also have a motorized bike, but there were times that it would be difficult for me to ride on it along Shuto Expressway.

The Majesty S really works great for these cases. Professionals living in urban areas would definitely like it.

â–  5 Star Rating
Power Source: ★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★
Foothold: ★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★

Takao Aoki | Motorcycle Journalist

He became a motorcycle journalist after becoming member of the editorial department of a motorcycle journal. He is an expert in domestic and foreign motorcycle culture and has experienced doing coverages in America, Europe, as well as in Africa and Southeast Asia. Through the knowledge he personally acquired from MX Race activities and ample touring overseas, he has been making commentaries about motorcycles from his own point of view. He is currently taking part in various media such as motorcycle journals, general magazines and the web.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)