New Dull Purplish Blue Metallic (blue) coloring for Yamaha's XVS950CU BOLT

Yamaha establishes new colors and logos for BOLT series

The Yamaha XVS950CU BOLT series debuted in December 2013 as a bobber style motorcycle distinctive of the Star series that offers fun rides in the city. Since then, Yamaha’s air-cooled V-twin cruiser has been a popular selling lineup.

The latest model released on February 10 features three new body colors.

Yamaha has established a stylish Dull Purplish Blue Metallic (blue) coloring for the standard model, XVS950CU BOLT (899,640 yen). The ‘BOLT’ logo on its traditional teardrop gas tank has also been renewed.

In addition, Yamaha has established Vivid Red Cocktail 1 (red) and Yellowish Gray Metallic 5 (gray) colors for its higher-end XVS950CU BOLT-R (945,000 yen) which features a rear suspension with a gold reserve tank, black leather seating with beige stitching, and front & rear spoke wheels, as well as its ABS-equipped XVS950CU BOLT-R (A) (995,760 yen). Both models come with a ‘Star’ logo on the gas tank.

The BOLT series’ slim bobber style body based on a double cradle frame features a rigid-mounted air-cooled 60-degree V-twin engine that delivers smooth “urban fun rides” at low to mid speeds.

The wheelbase has been reduced to 1,570mm for sharp cornering and steady rides.