Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja H2 receives iF Design Award

Kawasaki Heavy Industries announced that it has received the 2016 iF Design Award in the product category for their Ninja H2 high-performance sport model.

The iF Design Award is a design competition held from 1953 by the Industry Forum Design Hannover (iF), an international organization based in Hannover, Germany for the promotion of designs. Every year, the organization recognizes industrial products from around the world for its exceptional designs.

“With the Ninja H2, we pursued the utmost essence in its product design with the best features without allowing for any compromise. It would not become a product from the design to the production phase without the collective strengths from all departments including planning, experimentation, and production technology. With the combined effort from all of our developers, we will entice the strengths of the Kawasaki brand through its designs,” said Keishi Fukumoto, Manager of Design Department of Research & Development Division at Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine Company.