The 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki to release popular Hayabusa in new colors

On February 24, Suzuki Motor Corporation will release its Hayabusa sport bike with new colors for its body and decals.

The Hayabusa is Suzuki’s flagship sport model equipped with a 1,339cc liquid-cooled four-cycle inline four-cylinder engine that generates 197ps of maximum output. It is highly rated around the world for its highly aerodynamic unique design and exceptional driving performance.

Later this month, Suzuki will be releasing the Hayabusa in new Candy Darling Red/Mystic Silver Metallic (red/silver) colors. It will be added as a third color option along with the traditional white/silver and gray/black coloring. In addition, Suzuki has added pinstripe taping to the front and rear wheel rims.

No changes have been made to its main specifications. The price also remains unchanged at 1,609,200 yen.