The Jog CE50 (Jog Special), featuring an exclusive graphic in its two-tone color reminiscent of the 1984 Jog

Yamaha Jog will introduce into the market with a nostalgic reissue of the two-tone color of the 1984 model

The 1984 model has been chosen as the motif. It features the Dark Grayish Blue Metallic A exclusive graphic (Blue) two-tone color.

The horsepower, torque, and gas-mileage efficiency of its water-cooled four-stroke engine has just been improved with the adoption of the new ECU on September last year, and through the revision of its exhaust system and the like.

The storage for the helmet, rain gear, and the like also has a convenient trunk under the seat with a capacity of approximately 18 liters, a front pocket which fits two 500ccl PET bottles, and the large convenience store hook which can accommodate from shopping bags to business bags has remained the same.

On top of all that, is its color which inspires nostalgia. It has a tax inclusive-price of 160,920 yen.

Translated by: Michael Sabaldan