New color of the Yamaha SR400: Dark Grayish Leaf Green Metallic 1 (leaf green)

Yamaha unveils new SR400, has new color & “1978” logo

The Yamaha SR400, a long-selling model since the release of its first model in 1978, adopts a new color and has been available since February 10, 2016.

Its new color is Dark Grayish Leaf Green Metallic 1 (Leaf Green) following the Vintage Active Casual concept, and for the graphics on its tank, it was embedded with the 400 logo along with its birth year, 1978.

It has been equipped with a well-known air-cooling 4-stroke SOHC 2 valve single-cylinder engine. Its 2010 version was equipped with fuel injection, but its simple and universal mechanisms, such as kick-starting, had no changes.

It still has the traditional spoke wheels. With its single disk and light aluminum parts with 298mm outer diameter, it delivers a keen and nimble running performance.

Its chrome-plated muffler has nanofilm coating and applied prevention of color changing and rusting. Yamaha also pursued in making it more beautiful without compromise through the beautiful shapes of its exhaust pipe muffler.

It still retains an analog meter. There are very few motorcycles with over 250cc that still adopt a machine-type meter, so the SR400 can be referred to as a rare model. Its tachometer is on the right side, while its speedometer is on the left side.

It costs 550,800 yen including tax. Its Black color is still available.

Yamaha is also establishing the SR Cafe special site, to further understand more about the history, craftsmanship, development story, kickstart method and the like of the SR models.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)