Yamaha NMAX125 with Blue Core engine

Yamaha NMAX125 with Blue Core engine, has 3 watt high beam headlamp

Yamaha will release the NMAX125 on March 18, 2016. This model that will be released in Japan has been equipped with the Blue Core engine for the first time. The Blue Core engine was developed based on Yamaha’s original Blue Core ideology, which focuses on highly efficient combustion, high cooling properties, and lower emissions.

Its variable valve actuation (VVA) function that interchanges through the low and mid-speed operations of its intake valves, and its over 6,000rpm high-speed operation contributes to the engine’s high efficiency. It has better torque and fuel consumption, and it provides a comfortable acceleration during high-speed riding.

Moreover, it adopts an aluminum-made DiASil (die-cast aluminum silicon) cylinder, so it performs excellent heat dissipation, and has lighter weight. It has high cooling performance while it is also spacious, and it is mounted with a small radiator and cooling fan on the right side of the engine, while its left side has been mounted with a water pump. Therefore, it highly guarantees a fit space even though it has a compact body.

It has link-type and mounted-type engine suspensions, and its newly designed frame that has excellent torsion rigidity achieves directness and low vibration towards the rider’s operation. It adopts exclusively developed 13-inch tires, and its front and rear suspensions provide sportiness and excellent ride quality.

It has front and rear disc brakes, and it has also been equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS). As for the riding position, it doesn’t feel tight despite its compact body so it doesn’t have to do with the rider’s physique.

Its front mask has special dynamic appearance that prompts a boomerang motif, which symbolizes the MAX Series. It has dual headlights, which is the Max Series’ signature, has 3 watts of power in order to provide its high beam. Its tail has an LED stop lamp that shines in a shape of a belt.

The NMAX was developed into two types of scooter that have the styling and great performance of the MAX Series, similar to the TMAX, which is popular in Europe and Japan, and the XMAX for Europe, with the Global Prestige City Commuter concept. It is available in Red, White, Matte Gray, and Black, and its price with tax is 340,200 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)