Yamaha Jog CE50 Jog Special

Yamaha to release Jog two-tone blue limited edition

Yamaha will release the Jog CE50 Jog Special on March 3 with a limited run of 1,500 units. It features a livery based on the 1980 Jog CE50.

The Jog CE50 is a motor scooter that was produced in 1983 after the HY war. It became popular for sports riding because of its high output engine and lightweight body. As the representative of Yamaha mopeds for over 30 years now, the Jog CE50 has been given its own lineup.

The Jog Special set to be released this time adopts an exclusive graphic design with a two-tone color Dark Gray Issue Blue Metallic A. It features a livery based on the 1984 Jog CE50E.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)