Yamaha XVS400C Drag Star Classic

Yamaha Drag Star series commemorates 20 years with new white model

Yamaha has added a new color to the liquid-cooled V2 engine-equipped XVS400C Drag Star Classic, XVS400 Drag Star, and XVS250 Drag Star, and the new models are set for a March 1 release.

The Dragster series is a cruiser model that features a highly textured body with its low position, long wheel base and chrome plating, and offers an exciting riding performance.

The new models with their Bluish White Pearl 1 coloring are being released to commemorate 20 years of the Drag Star. On the flares around the tank are new graphics, and the gold “Drag Star” logo give it a US street bike image. It is smooth and almost completely without the ups and downs of usual water pressure transfer printing.

The price is 822,960 yen for the XVS400C, 781,920 yen for the XVS400 and 594,000 yen for the XVS250.

(Translated by Greg Scott)