Kawasaki Z250SL (the unit in the photo is for overseas)

2016 Tokyo Motorcycle Show: Kawasaki to exhibit the new Supernaked Z250SL

Kawasaki Motors Japan will exhibit the Supernaked Z250SL, which will be released in the market on March 15, at the Osaka Motorcycle Show (March 19 to 21) and Tokyo Motorcycle Show (March 25 to 27).

The Z250SL debuted in 2014, and it gained popularity among young customers in Southeast Asia. It has aggressive and glamorous styling, following the image of the Z series, and it inherited the 249cc single-cylinder engine that generates high RPM up to that of the Ninja 250SL, and it also has quick and agile handling and sporty performance. Furthermore, it adopts a flat-type wide handlebar, and it guarantees an active riding position that is unique to the Z series which riders can assertively operate.

It is available in two color combinations: Candy Lime Green / Metallic Spark Black and Candy Plasma Blue / Metallic Spark Black. Its price is 437,400 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)