Yamaha NMAX

Yamaha unveils NMAX 125cc scooter with Blue Core engine

On March 18, Yamaha is set to release the NMAX city commuter bike. The NMAX has the DNA of the MAX series and is equipped with a water-cooled 4-stroke 124cc engine.

The NMAX is an under-125cc bike with the styling and driving performance of the MAX series, which includes the popular TMAX in Europe in Japan and the XMAX in Europe. The design concept is “Global Prestige City Commuter.”

The NMAX is the first model in Japan to be equipped with the water-cooled 125cc engine. The concept behind the “Blue Core” engine design is to produce an engine that is both fun to drive and good for the environment. With features such as an excellent radiator built with VVA for high efficiency and offset cylinder to reduce power loss, it manages 12ps output and 50.5km/L fuel economy (60km/h steady state fuel economy).

The styling is dynamic and uses the new boomerang design motif, which is the symbol of the MAX series. The shape is balanced and condensed, with the body not extending much beyond the front and back wheel. The front mask has two headlights but when high-beams are in use, there is a third center light. The rear has an LED stoplight that lights up in a belt shape.

It also has specially developed 13-inch tires and ABS for front and rear. The meters are liquid crystal multi-function meters backlit with white LED so they’re easy to see.

The four colors available are red, white, matte grey and black. The price is 340,200 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)