Yamaha YW125X BW'S

Yamaha to release YW125X BW’S scooter

On February 10, Yamaha Motor Company will release its YW125X BW’S 125cc scooter.

Based on the concept of “Street Almighty, Roadster BW’S”, the YW125X BW’S offers an excellent combination of performance and styling that resembles a SUV.

Yamaha has given it a more active look with asymmetrical headlights, a three-dimensional surface, off-road like splashguards, and wide off-road like tires.

It also features an air-cooled four-stroke 124cc engine that provides exceptional performance at mid- to high speeds. Combined with its comfort, the YW125X BW’S is great for rides in the city.

The YW125X BW’S is available in either Blue or Matte Black at a price of 318,600 yen.