Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha Motor highly recommends the MT Series in 2016

The top dealers of four motorcycle manufacturers in Japan have talked about their highly recommended models for the first half of 2016. With the exception of models with high demand, new Japanese-made motorcycles are displayed at the dealerships. These are wholly-owned subsidiaries of motorcycle manufacturers.

Yamaha Motor Sales Japan President Toshikazu Ohama (Minami-Kamata 2-Chome, Ota) talked about the MT Series, Yamaha’s new sports motorcycle.

He said: “At the top of the list is the Yamaha MT-09 (846cc), a motorcycle that have fostered the brand recognition of the MT Series. Next up are the MT-09 Tracer (846cc) multi touring bike, the MT 07 (689cc), the MT-03 (320cc), and the MT-25 (250cc), models that support the needs of a broad range of customers, from beginners to core users.”

Because the MT Series is offered along with different engine displacements, it can accommodate a wider range of customers.

He continued: “Choose the MT-03 if you want to have a powerful ride through city streets. Should you want to enjoy a refreshing ride through city streets, then you can choose the MT-25. As they are under different vehicle classifications, the former doesn’t have to undergo motorcycle inspection. The 70cc difference between them, however, changes their performance. Particularly, the MT-03 delivers higher torque when riding in mid-speed range. Furthermore, their base price differ only by 30,000 yen; so it would only really depend on the customer’s preference.”

Ohama talked about the 125cc motorcycle: “Did you know that touring using a moped have become popular recently?”

He added: “There are cases in which those who own a 50cc moped would like to upgrade to a 125cc moped and use it as a second moped as a ‘large sports bike.’ If a customer then is unsatisfied with its cost performance and convenience, it would nevertheless be able to offer them a dream-inspiring holiday, where customers can use it on their rest days.

He brought up the Tricity 125, the Cygnus X-SR, and the NMAX, which will be released in Japan soon.

“We have newly discovered that even when riding long distances, one would not get fatigued when riding the Tricity. Both the 50cc and 125cc mopeds support a large zone in the motorcycle market. In particular, I would like to have the youth become interested with them.”

Ohama began working for Yamaha in 1980. He has a 20-year career from sales to planning. Prior to him being inaugurated as the YMSJ President in January 2015, he was assigned in Shanghai for four years. He hopes to dominate the EV bike market, just like in the Chinese market.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)