Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS

Suzuki Cycles recommend GSX-S1000 for 2016, focusing on the reality of population aging

Four Japanese motorcycle maker marketing companies talked about their recommended models for the first half of 2016. Among those makers, Suzuki Cycles (in Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City) President Hidenobu Hamamatsu talked about a pragmatic approach in supporting consumers who want to ride on motorcycles for a very long time.

He mentioned, “While we are striving hard to meet the demands of the younger generation, we also carefully consider the demands of consumers who are around 50 years old as our main priority in the domestic market; thus, the production of products that would match those demands is essential.”

Hamamoto works as the sales president as well as the director of Suzuki Cycles in Japan. Hamamoto recommends the GSX-S1000 ABS (with 998cc).

He also said, “The average age of new purchasers of motorcycles is 52 years old. People in their 50s who’ve been riding motorcycles since they were young can also enjoy riding the super sport GSX-R1000, but in terms of age, they can ride more comfortably with the favorably comparable S1000 than the R1000 so it doesn’t destroy their pride.”

Any rider can yearn for super sport motorcycles, and when handling them, there are times when they would also feel estranged from them. The GSX-S1000 has a smooth throttle response for street riding and sharp acceleration performance using the engine that is also equipped to the R1000.

It is common for racing machines to be equipped with traction control, but the S1000 has three types of traction control system. It detects the spinning of the wheel in its rear tire, and in order to smoothly reduce its engine output, it is more manageable in street riding in inconsistent conditions; it allows the riders to enjoy safe riding.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge styling of the GSX-S1000 splendidly breaks the idea of having an age limit.

“This motorcycle is explicit and has full fairing, so anyone in their 20s up to 50s and 60s can enjoy riding it.”

Hamamoto started working in Suzuki in 1981, and his personal career includes his dedication in motorcycle marketing. He owned a GSX400 Impulse for a very long time, but a very shocking incident happened when he arrived home one day.

“One time when I arrived home, my GSX400 Impulse was gone. My son, who got his license, suddenly took it from me and replaced it with a GSX-R1000 unit. Therefore, my son and I are sharing the R1000.”

Will the Hamamoto family, who owns an R1000 motorcycle, be able to replace it with the S1000, which is highly recommended by Suzuki Cycles, in the near future?

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)