Kawasaki Ninja 250SL

Kawasaki Motorcycle recommends Ninja 250SL for 2016, pursues steady sense of fondness

Four Japanese motorcycle maker marketing companies talked about their recommended models for the first half of 2016. The new motorcycles of each Japanese manufacturer were all set by their respective marketing companies and are being displayed in front of their shops, excluding huge demands by postal items. This is a subsidiary company of the manufacturer.

Particularly, Kawasaki is the oldest among the four makers, and have been imposing its sales system since 1958. Their distributor is currently analyzing the condition of their new model sales, and are in the position where they can mostly predict the incoming trends.

Kawasaki introduced the Ninja 250R in the market in 2008, and there have been great changes after that. This is what Kawasaki Motors Japan (KMJ, in 1 Kawasakichō, Akashi-shi, Hyōgo-ken) President Takeshi Teranishi said.

“In the kei motorcycle market, where big scooters have high usability, and when we timidly released sport motorcycles with a high sense of fondness, we have gained the support from every place in Japan, Europe, America, and Asia.”

He recommends the Ninja 250SL (with 249cc), which underwent a thorough process in the lineup of the Ninja series.

“This sport motorcycle is slim, light, and has a simple single-cylinder design. This can be used for light riding in town areas when commuting to work or school, and it can also be used in riding on circuits, making it enjoyable as a prominent Kawasaki motorcycle.

They aimed to gain support from a wider scope of consumers, so they reduced its price to 459,000 yen (with tax). They also mainly advertised circuit riding, and appointed the 25 year-old MFJ Superbike Kawasaki Rider Kazuki Watanabe as the endorser.

“Most customers who purchase this model are in their 50s. After all, it would be great if it is light. There are also many cases where professional riders use this as their second motorcycle.”

On the other hand, President Teranishi said regarding the younger consumers, “Some of them want to have the Ninja 250, but they are not so familiar with the maker of the model.”

“We have the Ninja 250 for them to recognize the Kawasaki brand anew, but are considering an approach where they can stick with the Ninja series through upgrading to bigger classes from 400, up to 1000 and 1400.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)