CRF1000L Africa Twin

Honda Motorcycles recommends CRF1000L Africa Twin for 2016, a motorcycle that supports Japan

Four Japanese motorcycle maker marketing companies talked about their recommended models for the first half of 2016.

The new motorcycles of each Japanese manufacturer were all set by their respective marketing companies and are being displayed in front of their shops, excluding huge demands by postal items. Those are subsidiary companies of the manufacturers. In other words, they analyze the condition of new model sales, and are in the position where they can mostly predict the incoming trends.

Honda Motorcycle Japan (HMJ, Kita-ku Akabane Nishi 6) President Chiaki Kato recommended the CRF1000L Africa Twin (with 998cc), which was exhibited and has gathered attention at the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a huge motorcycle that gives off an image of a motorcycle being used in great races like the Dakar Rally. Although it was previously released in Europe in December 2015, this model is also set to be released in Japan, and it already has an exclusive page in the Japanese website of Honda.

He mentioned, “If we look into the reactions at the Tokyo Motor Show, we introduced all sorts of cutting-edge technology, particularly newly developed engines and frames, and I think it received high evaluation as a model that can provide a new sense of value. Particularly, we felt the high anticipation towards our motorcycles that are equipped with dual clutch transmission (DCT) exclusive for Honda motorcycles, anti-lock braking systems, and Honda’s selectable torque controls.”

They also consider the support for 50cc motorcycle market as being seen on the Tact motor scooter, which was released last year after 16 years.

He said, “The Japanese motorcycle industry has a history of being supported by motor scooters. Even though the market scale has been greatly curtailed, more and more people have been applying the usefulness of motor scooters with the convenience that is being demanded from regular vehicles as well as their economical aspect.

Kato started working in Honda in 1982. His devotion towards motorcycles resulted to his inauguration as the president of Honda Motorcycles Japan. After management and product development, he stayed in China, Thailand, and other countries for roughly 17 years. During his stay abroad, he owned a Thai-made Honda motorcycle that is popularly known in Japan as the PCX regularly in Thailand.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)