Honda Cross Cub

Honda Cross Cub tops Bike Life Lab’s resale price ranking

On January 7, 2016, Bike Life Lab Chief Atsushi Sawa officially announced the results of the resale price ranking conducted from September to November 2015. He revealed that the Honda Cross Cub is at the top rank in the top 10 motorcycles ranking.

The Bike Life Lab conducted a ranking according to resale price through the results of winning bids and its market price. The points were determined according to the most popular model, the highest resale value, and the number of purchases for both new and secondhand models during the research.

The Cross Cub was based on the Super Cub 110, and this model is highly fashionable, has a comfortable ride quality, and, brought about by having reliability that it inherited from the Super Cub, a fuel consumption of 62.5km/L, plus a low ground balance of 20mm. It has a different style and ride quality from a scooter, and since it doesn’t have a clutch despite having a 4-speed rotary gear, it allows AT license holders to ride on it; it is known to be stable.

It has three points less than the 78.5 points acquired by the Honda Monkey, which achieved the top rank during the first period (June to August 2015); the Cross Cub has already made it to the overall top 10 ranking three times.

Aside from that, the Yamaha MT Series conquered ranks two to four. Out of these rankings, the MT-09 Tracer still remains the same at rank 2 as it was in the previous research (conducted in June to August 2015). The MT Series has been included in the ranking for four consecutive times already. This research pointed out that the motorcycle models that are included the top 10 rank have been evaluated as such probably because of their user-friendliness.

The popularity of sport motorcycles has been gradually rising as well. Aside from the Kawasaki Ninja 250SL, which made it to the rank for the first time, four types of motorcycles with full fairing were included in the rank. The research center evaluated that the needs of the consumers have increased due to the touring season.

Indicated below is the overall ranking:
(Format: Rank number/ previous rank no./ number of times included in the rank/ manufacturer and model name / resale price)

#1 9/3/ Honda Cross Cub; 75.1 points
#2 7/4/ Yamaha MT-07; 73.3 points
#3 5/5/ Yamaha MT-09 Tracer; 72.9 points
#4 5/5/ Yamaha MT-09; 72.1 points
#5 /new/ Honda CBR125R; 71.9 points
#6 3/4/ Yamaha Serow 250; 71.8 points
#7 6/3/ Honda CBR600RR; 71.8 points
#8 4/3/ Yamaha YZF-R25; 71.7 points
#9 /new/ Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL; 71.2 points
#10 10/3/ Honda CRF250L; 70.8 points

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)