Kawasaki W800

Recall: Kawasaki recalls W800 over potential engine stoppage defects

Kawasaki has issued a recall for the W800 due to defects in the electrical wiring and throttle body holder.

The recall applies to one model of the W800. It apples to 5,973 bikes built from December 17, 2010, to December 4, 2015.

For the electrical wiring defect, the wiring isn’t installed properly and there is friction between wiring and parts of the frame. Over time, the wiring’s coating could wear away and cause a short circuit. In a worst case scenario, this could cause the engine to die while riding.

The throttle body holder doesn’t have enough heat resistance. Heat from the engine causes it to harden. The throttle body holder can then vibrate, which can cause it to crack, and excessive air can pass to the engine. Again, in a worst case scenario, the engine could die will riding.

As a measure to rectify the electrical wiring defect, all models are undergoing inspection and damaged parts are being replaced. In addition, a new protective cover is being added and the routing is being changed. All throttle body holders are being replaced.

There have been 11 reported problems due to the defect but no accidents reported. The defect was discovered from information from the market or Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

(Translated by Greg Scott)