Honda VFR1200F

Honda recalls VFR1200 for potentially faulty propeller shaft

Honda reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport on December 3 that it will be recalling its big bikes, such as the VFR1200F, due to potentially defective propeller shafts (recovery and repair are free of charge).

This recall covers 1,852 units of the VFR1200F and the VFR1200X that were manufactured from March 2, 2010 to September 2, 2015.

Due to potentially defective bearing sealant and bearing housing of the propeller shaft’s yoke joint, the bearings may wear out because of the heat caused by friction and high load while the bike is running. Therefore, if it continues to run, the worst case is the yoke joint will be damaged and becomes impossible to use for travelling, the propeller shaft will interfere with the swing arm, and the rear wheel will have a risk of locking.

To remedy this, the propeller shaft of all affected vehicles will be replaced. However, since it takes time to supply the safe products, as immediate interim measure, all of the propeller shafts of all the vehicles will be inspected. Due to that, the malfunction of the yoke joint can be confirmed and all the faulty propeller shafts will be replaced with a new one.

Only one defect has been found, and no accidents have happened due to this defect. It was found out through information from the market.

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)