Honda Goldwing (Heavy Gray Metallic-U)

Honda establishes new colors for Goldwing cruiser

On November 25, Honda Motor Company will release its powerful Goldwing cruiser featuring a new two-tone color established on the 40th anniversary model.

The Goldwing is equipped with a horizontally opposed 6-cylinder 1,800cc engine that offers a powerful output, low center of gravity, and a quiet ride. In addition to the aerodynamics provided on its cowl, the Goldwing is equipped for comfortable, long distance journeys as its rear trunk and saddlebags offer exceptional storage capacity.

Honda has established three variations of colors for the Goldwing. Along with its existing Pearl Glare White and new Candy Prominence Red solid colors, Honda has added their new Heavy Gray Metallic-U two-tone color that offers enhanced elegance.

The Goldwing is priced at 2,408,400 yen for the Pearl Glare White and Candy Prominence Red, and 2,516,400 yen for the Heavy Gray Metallic-U.