PAS Natura XL Super

Yamaha to release 2016 versions of Natura XL Super & Natura M

Yamaha Motors announced that they will release two models on January 13, 2016. These models are the 2016 PAS Natura XL, equipped with high-capacity 12.8Ah Li-ion battery, and the newly-developed PAS Natura M, equipped with 6.2Ah Li-ion battery.

While maintaining the performance just as it is, both are equipped with a newly-developed small speed sensor whose outer diameter was made half smaller.

The aluminum frame, which is more accessible due to its high-quality design and light weight, is equipped with a lightweight, compact, high-performance drive unit that was based on the Green Core concept.

Natura M is a model that balances both features and value. Yamaha plans to release a total of 27,000 units for both models per year. The Natura XL costs 145,800 yen, and the Natura M costs 100,440 yen.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)