Cygnus-X XC125SR

Yamaha to release remodeled fourth-gen Cygnus-X XC125SR scooter

Yamaha Motor Company has announced that it will release its remodeled Cygnus-X XC125SR scooters on November 20.

For improvements to the exterior, performance, and handling on the new Cygnus-X XC125SR, Yamaha has developed its Dynamic Cygnus-X concept model.

Along with enhanced torque and acceleration, the engine features improved fuel-efficiency. The new model offers 4kg of reduced weight compared to the current version due to its new and lighter frame, front fork and rear arm, and five-spoke wheels. This lighter body contributes to its exceptional ride, acceleration and improved fuel economy.

Moreover, the Cygnus-X XC125SR is equipped with new 200mm diameter rear disc brakes for enhanced safety performance.

The exterior features headlights with new reflectors, LED fiber optic combination lamp and taillights, and a liquid crystal meter with blue background.

This new fourth-generation Cygnus-X XC125SR follows its first model released in 2004, FI-equipped second model in 2008, and the LED lighting-equipped third model in 2011.

Production will take place at Yamaha Motor Taiwan. The Cygnus-X XC125SR is priced at 307,800 yen and Yamaha plans to sell 10,000 units annually.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)