Yamaha Factor150

Yamaha Motor launches the new Factor150 for Brazil

Yamaha Motor Company announced that it will launch the new Factor150, a street model, powered by a BlueFlex specification ethanol-blend compatible 150cc engine for the Brazilian market beginning this October.

The Factor150 was developed based on this concept: ‘strong, silent, powerful commuter.’ This lightweight motorcycle is mounted with a 149cc electronically fuel-injected engine. The Factor150 has approximately 13% better fuel economy than the outgoing Factor125. It has an innovative design that balances both sturdiness and dynamism. It is also carefully designed with a two-level seat for comfortable tandem riding.

In 2014, the 150cc models comprised 42% (roughly 60,000 units) of the Brazilian motorcycle market, which recorded an overall sales of 1.43 million units. Among those 150cc models is the Yamaha YS150 Fazer BlueFlex, a street model in the 150cc category, launched in 2013. The Factor150 is the second 150cc street model for the Brazilian market.

The YS150 Fazer BlueFlex has been a strong seller principally among premium-oriented customers, so the addition of the Factor150 responds to customer demands of better fuel efficiency, aggressive design, and affordable price. Yamaha Motor aims to expand the sales in Brazil by adding a new model to the 150cc lineup.

The Factor150 spoke wheel specification costs 7,390 Brazilian real (approximately 228,000 yen), while the Factor150 cast wheel specification costs 7,990 Brazilian real (approximately 246,000 yen).

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)