Suzuki Hustler Scoot

2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki to unveil scooter version of the Hustler

Suzuki Motor Corporation will be featuring 12 motorcycles including the Hustler Scoot at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which begins on October 29.

The Hustler Scoot is a scooter concept that comes in pop-art colors and offers a playful personality like the Hustler mini car. Along with a conventional luggage space under the seat, the Hustler Scoot comes with a removable luggage case between your feet. There’s also some luggage space on the rear carrier and on the sides of the scooter as well.

In addition, Suzuki unveiled their Concept GSX, a concept object that covers the possibility of the GSX series. It represents a cocoon of Suzuki’s inline four-cylinder sport bikes from which future models will be formed.

Suzuki will also be showcasing the production models of their Hayabusa, V-Strom 1000, and GSX-S1000 ABS.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)