Y's Gear simultaneously released 30 points of MT-03 & MT-025 items.

Yamaha MT-03/MT-25: Y’s Gear simultaneously releases 30 items, may also be covered by the loan

Yamaha released two new models: the MT-03 and the MT-25. Yamaha Motor Company conducted a test driving event for the media for both models at Japan Cycle Sports Center in Izu, Shizuoka on September 18. They also announced that those models were customized by Y’s Gear.

Y’s Gear has released 30 items at the same time.

First, its protective pads (9,180 yen tax included) create a sporty image, aside from preventing the rider to get scarred by the tank as he rides the motorcycle. It is constructed with seven parts, with three items each on the left and right parts and oneitem at the center.

Then, as for its protective graphics (incl. 10,260 yen tax), its side duct and radiator cover are attached to its seat cowl, and its left and right parts have three items each.

When you take a look at the motorcycle, it utilizes vinyl materials and you’ll see that its exterior shape has a perfect fit.

According to Yoshinori Taniguchi of Y’s Gear Product Planning Section, its effectiveness after assembling the parts was not only improved but also, if the motorcycle falls over, it would spare you from any wound.

Moreover, it also has a single seat cowl, a rear carrier and a sport screen; thus it satisfies a motorcycle driver’s demands.

When MC Group Leader Hiroaki Masui was asked about their aim for customized parts together with the development of the motorcycles, he answered, “Since we consider preparing the parts and accessories for those who wish to customize their unit, if they will order it together with a new unit, it may be covered by the loan as well, which is advantageous for any motorcycle owner.”

It also comes with slip-on mufflers and seat bags, so to those who consider purchasing these items, they certainly can’t miss the opportunity of having these as well.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)