The Giorno assembly line at Honda's Kumamoto plant

Honda to expand domestic production of scooters to 80% from 2016 including the Dunk and Tact

On September 11, Honda Motorcycle’s Chief Operating Officer Shinji Aoyama announced that domestic production for their 50cc scooters will be expanded in succession from 2016.

On this day, Honda commenced production of their all-new Giorno at their Kumamoto plant (Ozu-cho, Kumamoto) as the first phase of its domestic transfer. Mr. Aoyama also stated Honda’s intention of transferring production of the Dunk and Tact from Vietnam to Kumamoto next year.

Honda’s profits in Japan have been improving due to the weak yen. The Dunk and Tact were assembled at their Vietnam facility from 2014 to this year. Combined with the Giorno, which began production on the 11th, Honda plans on producing around 70,000 units of these three models domestically in 2016.

Though over 90% of its scooters in Japan are currently assembled overseas, Honda is instantly expanding its domestic production, as 80% of them will be manufactured in Japan from 2016.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)