Ceremony for new Honda Giorno coming off the line

Honda move production of new 50cc Giorno back to Japan

On September 11, the new model of Honda’s 50cc scooter the Giorno officially rolled of the line at its Kumamoto production plant. The Giorno is for the domestic Japan market and production was moved from China to Japan as part of Honda’s strategy to expand domestic production.

The new Giorno is set to go on sale in October. Honda plans to produce 18,000 units per year. Honda sells about 100,000 50cc scooters per year domestically but over 90% are produced overseas.

In 2016, Honda plans to bring production of its Dunk and Takuto 50cc scooters from Vietnam to its Kumamoto plant as well. Honda plans to build 70,000 of the three models in 2016.

At the ceremony for the Giorno coming off the line, motorcycle division head Shinji Aoyama said, “The new Giorno is our first attempt at bringing production back to Japan. With the capability to produce everything from small scooters to full-sized vehicles, we are set to move forward with production in Kumamoto. We’re working hard to meet customers’ needs.”

The Kumamoto plant is Honda’s only domestic motorcycle and scooter production facility. Recently it is focusing on over-250cc mid and large-sized motorcycles. It produced 144,000 units in 2014 but plans to expand 1.5 times to produce 214,000 in 2016.

(Translated by Greg Scott)