Honda's Kumamoto production facility

Honda considering moving more motorcycles and scooters to local production

Honda’s motorcycle division chief Shinji Aoyama revealed that the company wasn’t only moving its 50cc class scooter production back to Japan, but was also considering the same for large engine capacity mid-sized models as well.

On the same day as the announced, Honda held a ceremony for the coming off the line of the first of its models to be moved back to Japan production, the new Giorno 50cc scooter. Speaking to a group of reporters at the ceremony, Aoyama said of the Giorno, “Moving production to Japan doesn’t add to the cost” compared to Vietnam or China.

In terms of cost, there are still benefits to overseas production, but Aoyama explains, “There are plenty of cost benefits to Japan production in terms of things like logistics and quality.” As for larger vehicles, he said, “We don’t have any particular plans yet, but we’re considering the whole range of vehicles.”

He also stressed the company’s plan to produce locally for local consumption. The company, he said, is seriously looking into moving production to Japan for the portion of products that are imported.

(Translated by Greg Scott)