Yamaha Jog CE50

All-new Yamaha Jog CE50 series now offers better engine performance and fuel economy

Yamaha Motor improved the engine performance and fuel economy of its standard scooter model, the Jog CE50 series, and will release it on October 20.

The revisions done to the exhaust system improved the engine performance (horsepower and torque). It now generates a maximum output and a maximum torque of 4.5ps and 4.2N-m respectively, an increase of 0.3ps and 0.3N-m respectively.

The changes made to the FI System, such as incorporating the O2 Feedback Control and adopting the new ECU, improved its fuel efficiency. It now offers a fuel economy of 69.7km/l when driving on flat and paved roads at a constant speed of 30km/h, an increase of 3.75km compared to the previous model.

The standard specification will be available in five colors, including the Light Yellowish Gray Metallic 9 (gold) color. The deluxe specification, the Jog CE50D, will be outfitted with aluminum wheels and a front-wheel disc brake with gold caliper. The Jog Petite CE50P is designed for riders with small builds to have a natural sitting posture; its seat height is 25mm lower than the standard model. Meanwhile, the Job CE50ZR will be the only model in the series that will be outfitted with sporty items, such as a rear spoiler.

The Jog CE50 and the Jog Petite CE50P will be available for 160,920 yen, the Jog CE50D for 173,880 yen, and the Jog CE50ZR for 194,400 yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)