Honda NSR500 (2002)

Photo Feature: Honda Collection brings out the last 2-stroke GP racer, the NSR500

Honda held a test run to check the condition of the vehicles in its Honda Collection Hall on August 25 at the Twin Link Motegi South Course. Here are pictures of the 2-stroke NSR500 GP machine that Honda raced the first year of the Moto GP, 2002.
The year 2002 was the same year that both 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines raced in the Moto GP. That year, the 4-stroke V5 racer the RC211V made its debut. Although the NSR500 had a greatly expanded output and various technology gleaned from 18 years of motorsports racing, the season ended without it ever gaining a competitive advantage over the 4-stroke racer with only half of its engine capacity. With the RC211V winning 14 of the 16 rounds, it was the end of an era in GP racing.

(Translated by Greg Scott)