Honda NSR500 ('89)

Honda Collection: Photo Feature – NSR500 demonstrates stable performance while emphasizing manageability

Honda conducted its Honda Collection Hall test run at the south course of Twin Ring Motegi on August 25. Featured here are photos of the NSR500, a racer in the 1989 All Japan Road Race Championship in the 500cc class.

Hikaru Miyagi served as the test rider of the NSR500. He rode the NSR500 in the All Japan Road Race Championship and graced the winner’s podium for four consecutive times. He delivered a steady performance, putting him in 4th place in the course of that year.

This machine put an excessive focus on manageability and absolute power during the GP World Championship that was held in that same year. The machine was given a different frame according to the rider’s preferences and the circuit’s characteristics, enabling it to recapture the title nabbed by Eddie Lawson the year before.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)