Yamaha YXZ1000R

Yamaha launches its fourth ROV for the North American market

Yamaha Motor announced that beginning September, it will begin selling the two-seater YXZ1000R pure sports model, the fourth model in its Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROV) lineup in the North American market.

ROVs are used for business, recreation, and sports. Primarily popular in North America, the ROV market has been growing in the recent years, with a total demand in the United States reaching approximately 240,000 units in 2014. So far, Yamaha Motor has introduced and has expanded distribution of the Viking and the Viking VI, which are multi-purpose ROVs, and the Wolverine, which is a recreational ROV.

The YXZ1000R pure sports model was designed to deliver sports driving in a variety of environments, like wastelands and deserts, and will therefore meet a wide variety of customer demands for business and recreational sports.

The YXZ1000R is mounted with a newly-developed 998cc liquid-cooled 3-cylinder engine mated to a sequential manual five-speed transmission, which is an industry first. Furthermore, it is outfitted with a newly-developed exclusive front and rear suspension, exclusive 27-inch tires, and 14-inch aluminum wheels, delivering excellent ride comfort and controllability. It has the potential to travel across a variety of terrain.

In addition to the standard YXZ1000R model, the lineup also features the YXZ1000R SE, the 60th anniversary commemorative specification, which utilizes Beadlock rims and has a body highlighted with a speed block design on its yellow base color.

The price starts from 19,799 USD (roughly 2.38 million yen). This model cannot be driven on public roads.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)