Suzuki Skywave 400LTD ABS

Suzuki adds new color to Skywave 400 LTD ABS

Suzuki has changed the color of the Skywave 400 Limited ABS and the new version will go on sale August 31.

The Skywave 400 series is equipped with a 399cc water cooled 4-cycle single cylinder engine that can put out 31ps. With its link rear suspension system, it offers a smooth, comfortable and sporty ride for two riders as well as one.

The 400 Limited ABS offers a range of features for maximum comfort, including the large-sized windbreak, convenient grip heaters and knuckle visors for cold weather riding, and the large backrest in the rear for the second rider.

The new version has an added pinstripe along with the new Matte Fibroin Gray Metallic color. The basic mechanisms haven’t been changed.

The price is 842,400 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)