Yamaha YZ250FX Collaborated News Coverage: Moto Sports Land Shidoki

Yamaha YZ250FX Review: “YZ’s high performance to become a weapon of the Enduro” by Takao Aoki

The YZ250FX, based on the motorcross racer YZ250F, was tailored to be an Enduro racer.

It has a side stand and engine guard as standard equipment. It is also equipped with a cell starter that can immediately restart the unit using only the kick arm, even in situations when it is difficult to start-up the unit, such as in screes and slopes, increasing its combat power in races.

You will know that its transmission has been changed from five-speed to six-speed and has a wide ratio when you ride it on Moto Sports Land Shidoki’s (Iwaki, Fukushima) mountain course that goes up and down. The motorcycle can powerfully climb a steep slope without having to hurriedly shift gears.

The power produced by the four-valve water-cooled engine of the base model YZ250F is impeccable. It retained the quick pace of the YZ250F. When you ride it around the motocross track, it revs fast at high speed. When in the Enduro race, it seems that it will steadfastly demonstrate ample torque as its weapon, be aggressive on hard tracks, and straightforwardly reach the finishing line.

Thanks to the 18-inch rear wheels and the adjustment of the suspension settings to match the road surface, you can also easily clear the rough sections of the track. Adding to the lightness and nimbleness of the YZ250F, it also offers better ride performance and stability.

Its rear doesn’t bounce, reliably decelerates, and stably turns to the direction it needs to go even in the cornering sections of the track, when descending from steep slopes where hard brakes are necessary.

I didn’t feel its weight when the motorcycle is leaning on its side, and its handling is significantly lighter compared to the WR250F equipped with headlight.

It can be started using just a button, and it is easy and fast to ride. This, of course, will be popular in Enduro, as well as the fan ride events in motocross.

â–  Five Star Rating
Power Source: ★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Combat Power: ★★★★
Foothold: ★★
Recommendation: ★★★★

Takao Aoki | Motorcycle Journalist

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(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)