Honda RC213V-S

Honda to release modified RC213V racing bike for public roads

Honda Motor Company has updated its 999cc V4 equipped RC213V MotoGP racing bike into the RC213V-S for use on public roads, and will be accepting orders from July 13.

According to Honda, “The RC213V-S has inherited the specifications of the RC213V to thoroughly ensure mass concentration and reduced friction, as well as all key aspects in manufacturing that set the RC213V apart as a MotoGP machine from ordinary mass production models, with overwhelming differences which involve light weight and precise machining of the components, plus superior expert skills required in manufacturing.”

Major changes from the RC213V involved switching the pneumatic valve to a coil spring system and the seamless transmission to a conventional system. For use on public roads, Honda has added several features including head- and taillights, as well as making changes to its brake pad, front brake disc, and steering angle from 15 to 26 degrees.

The maximum output has been trimmed down to 159ps for the European and Australian models, 102ps for France, 101ps for the US, and 70ps for Japan.

The European model is priced at 188,000 EUR (approx. 26.16 million yen), the Japanese model at 21.9 million yen, the Australian model at 244,000 AUD (approx. 23.33 million yen), and the US model at 184,000 USD (approx. 22.67 million yen). In addition, an optional sports kit is also available for enhanced speeds on closed courses.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)