Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha to introduce 125cc Saluto, for family use

Yamaha Motor Corporation announced that it will introduce the new Saluto, a 125cc motorcycle for family use, in India from April.

The Saluto is based on the ‘Economical & Practical Indian Family Motorcycle’ concept. It is developed as a family-friendly motorcycle that has a stylish design, and is user-friendly in terms of gas mileage and regular use.

The new vehicle uses a new engine with a compact combustion chamber. In addition, it achieves the lightest weight in its class, which is 112kg. About 10% gas mileage improvement was achieved, compared to Yamaha’s conventional model. In addition, it has taken into account many Indian customers by enabling their families to have a ride on a regular basis. Its setting is particular on comfort, as manifested by the suspension, footrest, seats and others. Its design has a vibrant style due to the plastic tank cover.

The motorcycle market in India has reached about 16 million unit sales in 2014, which is, by far, the best in the world. Among these, 100 to 125cc motorcycles were strongly supported by customers who share it with their family, by those who ride it in tandem, and by those who purchased a motorcycle for the first time, because it appears as if it is affordable through its gas mileage and price. Therefore, it has the greatest demand, which accounts for about 60% in the market.

Yamaha has been introducing the YZF-R15 and the FZ series sports model in high-cost cities. In addition, the Cygnus Ray series and the Cygnus α were introduced and have been expanding sales in the Indian Market. The Saluto is a motorcycle that has achieved the 125cc class’ top level fuel efficiency. It is responsible for the increasing sales in areas with the greatest demand.

It costs 52,000 rupees (about 99,000 yen). Their annual sales target is 110,000 units. The manufacturing and sales will be done by Yamaha Motor India.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)