Suzuki Address V50

Suzuki to release 2 kinds of new 50cc scooter, Let’s Basket and Address V50

Suzuki Motor Corporation plans to release on May 7 the new models of the Let’s Basket and the Address V50 moped scooter.

The new Let’s Basket is based on the new Let’s, equipped with excellent user-friendliness and low fuel consumption. It comprises storage space, such as a large front basket and a front inner rack. It has improved convenience for daily shopping.

The new Address V50 inherited the sporty look and comfortable riding position from its predecessor. Its fuel economy was improved by equipping the same engine in the new Let’s.

Both models achieved 53.8km/liter (WMTC mode) low fuel consumption by layouting a new engine that uses the newly developed fuel injections system.

The Let’s Basket costs 166,320 yen, and the Address V50 costs 155,520 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)