Kawasaki KSR110 (10th anniversary model)

2015 Bangkok Motor Show: Kawasaki showcases its KSR110 10th anniversary edition

The 2015 Bangkok International Motor Show featured Kawasaki’s lineup of mostly mid to large-sized motorcycles. Amongst this display was a 10th anniversary version of their 110cc KSR110.

This limited edition model comes with new graphics on its exclusive black/white two-tone coloring and gold accents.

The non-coated components including the muffler and fork covers have been updated to carbon-like panels for a sophisticated look. It features the same 110cc engine and mechanisms as the regular KSR110.

The KSR110 debuted back in 2003 succeeding the two-stroke KSR-II. Although it was manufactured in Thailand from the beginning, Kawasaki didn’t release the KSR110 to the Thai market until 2005.

It’s a highly popular motorcycle especially with young riders in urbanized areas as it differs greatly from the practical underbone models in Thailand. It continues to be successful in the Thai market selling over 30,000 units annually.

Moreover, small sports models have established itself in its own category since Honda released their MSX125 (the Grom, in Japan) in 2013. As there are reports that other manufacturers are waiting for opportunities to enter this market, small motorcycles like the KSR110 may become even more popular from now on.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)