Kawasaki booth (2015 Tokyo Motorcycle Show)

2015 Tokyo Motorcycle Show: Kawasaki exhibits Ninja H2R, desiring to create an enjoyable motorcycle

At the 2015 Tokyo Motorcycle Show held in Tokyo Big Sight on March 27, Kawasaki Heavy Industries exhibited the Ninja H2, a supercharger-equipped model exclusive as an export, as well as the Ninja H2R, a model exclusively designed for closed courses that is already set to launch in Japan.

The Ninja H2R to be launched in Japan will be equipped with a 998cc inline four-cylinder engine that generates a maximum output of 326 ps (during the ram-air intake). According to the booth-in-charge for that vehicle, “There are regulations in a race, and there are also laws to abide by on public roads. However, the H2R is the answer that pursues how far a machine can perform with its genuine supercharger technology despite those regulations.”

The maximum output of 326ps for motorcycles can also be considered dangerous. However, in the H2R, there are devices such as the electric control for preventing careless driving. As a Kawasaki model, it is also the first one to be equipped with a bucket style seat to support the rider and handle such a high-powered machine.

The H2R also comes off as a machine that focuses on its speed and engine through its strong power. However, its development concept is very clear and straightforward. The booth-in-charge also added, “The origin of its development is in somehow creating an enjoyable motorcycle. It gives off a feeling of excitement; we also aimed for it to have extreme road sports capabilities.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)