Honda VT1300CX

Honda to release their VT1300CX with updated price and colors

Honda has updated the colors of their VT1300CX motorcycles and will release them for sale on March 13.

The VT1300CX is a cruiser model with a ‘high-neck’ space between the frame and engine. It features a heart-pounding water-cooled 4-stroke 1300cc V2 engine for riders who take their hobbies seriously.

Their new color, Candy Prominence Red features a black frame and matte gray alloy wheels at the front and back for a compact look. Honda has also added some elegance to its Graphite Black variation by changing the colors of the frame from black to gray and the alloy wheels from black to brown metallic.

Moreover, Honda has only updated the standardized ABS model of their VT1300CX. It’s available for ¥64,800 less than its previous model at a price of ¥1,404,000.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)