Honda Goldwing F6C in Candy Prominence Red

Honda Goldwing F6C offers new Candy Prominence Red body color

Honda is offering two new color variations for its 1800cc large-sized Goldwing F6C cruiser and the new versions go on sale March 13.

Continuing in the Goldwing high-quality tradition, the F6C is an impressive street cruiser with a real sense of presence. With its powerful liquid-cooled 4-stroke horizontal 6-cylinder 1800cc engine and nimble maneuvering, it’s a bike made for veteran riders.

This time around, Honda is offering the new color Candy Prominence Red, which stands out with its loud styling. The other new color variation is the deep black-toned Graphite Black. These bikes come with a 40-year commemorative starter key and present a premium feel.

The price is 1,998,000.

(Translated by Greg Scott)