Yamaha MT-09 ABS in Matte Silver

Yamaha establishes new Matte Silver coloring for the MT-09 ABS and MT-07 ABS

On March 10, Yamaha Motor Company will release their 850cc MT-09 ABS and MT-07 ABS sport bikes in a brand new color.

This new color, Matte Silver 1 (matte silver), is based on their Racing Blue Tech Metal concept. It combines blue accented components to its silver body for a sporty, modern, and stylish finish. The racing blue color has been established on the wheels and fork outer tube of the MT-09 ABS and on the frame and wheels of the MT-07 ABS.

It also features a RB logo to represent Yamaha’s Race Blu series. The MT-09 ABS is priced at 899,640 yen and the MT-07 ABS at 749,520 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)