Trikes F6T

Trikes unveils Goldwing-based F6T three-wheeler

Trikes, which builds and sells the Trike 3-wheeler, unveiled the new F6T on February 20. The F6T is based on Honda’s full-sized bike the Goldwing F6B. Even though the tail portion was designed by Trikes, the F6B is a spitting image of the new Honda NSX.

The body is 2995mm long, 1500mm wide and 1250mm tall with an 1820mm wheelbase and 135mm ground clearance. It has the same horizontally opposed 1832cc in-line V6 as the Goldwing, which puts out 118ps and has a maximum torque of 167Nm. It has a 6-speed return transmission but it’s on the rear. You can operate the F6B with a regular motor vehicle driver’s license.

At the February 20 unveiling, Trikes executive director Yuichi Maeda said, “The F6T was a project full of our dreams. Before, trikes were thought of as custom vehicles, but I’m proud to say that we’ve pushed pas that. We want to promote the trike as a ‘third choice’ to cars and motorcycles.”

However, Trikes representatives say that the tail area is completely the company’s own design and is unrelated to the new NSX,

(Translated by Greg Scott)