2015 Yamaha XVS950CU Bolt Series

Yamaha unveils 2015 XVS950CU Bolt and R Spec

Yamaha plans to release its 2015 model XVS950CU Bolt R Spec on March 10. This model is a version of the XVS950CU Bolt cruiser equipped with a 950cc air-cooled V-twin engine.

Yamaha is offering two color choices for the 2015 XVS950CU Bolt, Pale Blue Metallic J (Blue) and Deep Red Metallic K (Red).

For its ABS-equipped luxury model XVS950CU Bolt R Spec (A), which includes features like rear suspension with reserve tank and cut wheels, it’s offering Matte Silver 1 (Matte Silver) and Matte Blue Metallic 3 (Matte Blue). Including the existing Black, this total three color options.

Yamaha plans to sell a total of 1,000 for the series. The XVS950CU Bolt will be sold for 899,640 yen, the R Spec for 945,000 yen, and the R Spec with ABS for 995,760.

(Translated by Greg Scott)