Suzuki Adress 110

Suzuki Address 110 Launch: Customers to step up to 50cc Mopeds

Suzuki Motor Corporation plans to release the new Address 110, a motorcycle scooter, on the 19th of March. In the press meeting, President Hidenobu Hamamoto from Suzuki Motors mentioned the current state of Suzuki’s Mopeds.

He revealed that they are planning to increase the opportunity for test drives hereafter; this is to further promote the sales of the Address 110.

First, the shipment volume for Suzuki’s motorcycle was cut by 70,000 units in 2009 due to the effect of the exhaust gas regulation in 2008. However, after that was stabilized, shipments were strong in 2013 with 100,947 units.

Regarding the purchase figure of motorcycles, 95% of the users who buys motorcycles (60% are users who chose to change their vehicle type, 17% bought them as additional vehicles, and 18% are re-purchasers of motorcycles) had been riding two-wheeled vehicles from before until now.

Therefore, Suzuki examined the amount of exhaust of the vehicle that the users rode before thet change and they understood that 55% of exhaust came from bigger motorcycles (125cc or less) and 31% came from smaller motorcycles (50cc or less).

On another note, the number of new holders of licenses for small two-wheeled vehicles has continued to grow in the last five years. Starting in 2005, there was an increase in the tendency of AT license (small two-wheeled AT limited license) acquisitions.

In 2013, 12,542 people got the AT license. It shows that it increased to 205% in contrast to the volume of only 6106 people in 2009.

Likewise, the number of AT licensees was only 3,261 in 2005. However, that number went up to 58,816 in just eight years. The reason approximately 58,000 people considered acquiring licenses was for them to ride motorcycle scooters.

Based on this background, Hamamoto said regarding the sales of the new Address 110, “We want to sell a vehicle that has a better engine with gas mileage efficiency, running performance, enhanced equipment, and affordability for users; users who used mopeds and those who stepped up from 50cc motorcycles, and those who newly acquired small two-wheeled AT limited licenses.”

Hereafter, they considered providing demonstration models for the Motorcycle Show in Tokyo and Osaka. They also planned to implement test drive campaigns nationwide at the same time as being able to offer test drives in dealer shops from April.

As to why the are enhancing the opportunities for test drives, hey are mostly influenced by user’s opinion “I will not buy if I do not get to test drive it.”

(Translsted by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)