New Honda Dio110

The Honda Dio110 which was fully remodeled for the first time in four years is set to be launched this spring; with a 55km/liter gas mileage

Honda revealed on January 16 two versions of the moped scooter Dio110 which was fully remodeled for the first time in four years; it is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2015. The built-in newly designed air-cooled 110cc engine achieves a gas mileage of 55km/liter.

On the same day, Norihiro Imada, the supervisor for scooter industry management at Honda motorcycles business headquarters revealed at the press conference which was held at the main office Tokyo that, “The Dio110 has gone through a full model change, and there are plans to make it into the eSP. The eSP is a generic engine for small scooters which has an improved eco-friendliness and an easy to handle performance; the Dio110 is equipped with a newly designed 110cceSP air-cooled engine which especially emphasizes lightweight compactness. It was completed as a commuter transport by reducing its weight by 3kg in the completed vehicle; it’s maneuverability was enhanced further, and it was designed to achieve a gas mileage of 55km to the liter.”

He said futhermore that, “This product features the eSP and a riding feel which has a high sense of stability while being compact by the combination of 14 inch large-diameter tires in the front and the rear. We are in the process of preparing the delivery of the fully remodeled Dio110 which is equipped with this engine, frame, and styling by spring of this year with a reasonable price.”

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)