Honda Tact Basic

Honda Tact Launch: Honda offers Tact Basic, a low seat height-type scooter

Regarding the Tact, a motorized scooter that has come back for the first time in over 16 years; Honda Motor Co. Ltd. recently offers the Tact Basic that has a seat height that is 15mm lower than the base model.

Researcher Makoto Mikkawa, serving as the development manager of the Tact in Honda’s Technical Research Institute Motorcycle R&D Center, said, “The ratio of men and women in total that use motorized scooters is 6:4. When we asked female customers what their anxieties were, they answered that it was really the height and weight of the seat parts. Therefore, we will offer variations such as the Tact Basic that has a lowered seat height focused on the idea that women can use the vehicle without any anxiety.” He elaborated regarding the background of the development.

Regarding the seat height, Mikkawa said, “The seat height of the Tact Basic was lowered by changing the seat form by the edge of the floorboard where a helmet is stored below the seat. As a result, the luggage box below the seat of the base Tact that has a 20-liter capacity, space enough for a full face helmet to fit in, became only 19-liters in the Basic.”

However, he continued by saying, “The thickness of the seat cushion is identical. Therefore, its running performance was not sacrificed. The low seat that was provided with the conventional setup has been lowered further by reducing the urethane foam portions. However, when you stay seated for too long, your butt will start aching. Therefore, it was set as a basic type without expanding its parts.”

Not only the seat height of the Tact Basic is lower than the base model its features; its price is lower as well. Specifically, “we removed the idling stop mechanism; thereby, we were able to reduce its battery size. Also, we made the emblem into a sticker-type to further lower its price. From this, the Tact Basic has appealed to a wider range of people, and not only to women.

The price of the Tact and Tact Basic are 172,800 yen and 159,840 yen respectively. The release date for both will be on the 23rd of January.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)