Honda Tact Product Launch

Honda Tact Launch: A gas mileage of 80km/liter; body and engine are similar to the Dunk but it’s 2kg lighter

Honda has announced that the Tact moped scooter is set to be released into the market on the 23rd of January after an absence of approximately 16 years. Though it shares the same body and engine with the February 2014-released Dunk, it was designed to be 2kg lighter; it features a speed of 30km per hour which achieves a gas mileage of 80km/liter.

Researcher Makoto Mitsukawa, the Development In-charge of the Dunk from the Honda Technical Research Institute motorcycle R&D center said, “As a standard grade scooter, the Tact is a meticulously crafted product with a wide frontage and excellent practicality regardless of age, gender, and physique; this is in contrast to the Dunk which is a newly proposed product intended for the youth.”

Because of this, he said “It utilizes the frame of the Dunk which has excellent space efficiency; however, in order to achieve an everyday stress-free performance, the body’s panel was made compact in consideration of the ease of its maneuverability.”

Specifically, “It was made lighter by reducing the number of resin covers and by making the shape smaller. The Dunk has a double structure with its storage compartment and socket at the front whereas the bottom section of the Tact consists only of a single layer. Moreover, its overall weight was reduced by 2kg due to the integration of the headlamp, tail lamp, and blinker.”

Due to this, the engine itself (same with the Dunk) has not changed at all; however, the 2kg weight reduction has contributed to its 80km/liter gas mileage which greatly exceeds the 75.3km/liter of the Dunk; achieving a lower fuel consumption which is at the top of its class. The Tact is priced at 159,840 to 172,800 yen and is projected to have an annual sales figure of 45,000 units.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)